Neuro Speech Therapy Services in Southwest Florida

A practice specializing in treating communication, cognitive, and swallowing disorders related to neurologic conditions. You deserve the highest quality speech therapy.

Neuro Speech Therapy Services

Neuro Speech Therapy is a speech-language pathology service helping adults with neurological disorders. We believe that there is no such thing as a decline. The brain can always progress and making new connections can happen even after considerable time has elapsed.

Our Services

Improve your speech and language abilities with a program that helps you to effectively communicate in the ways and places that matter to you.

Learn how to manage cognitive changes with speech therapy services designed to build your confidence and help with your daily life activities.

Restore your ability to swallow food that gives you joy and nourishment, without getting worked up about aspiration.

Neurodegenerative Disorders

Improve your brain function by learning brain healthy behaviors and learn to speak clearly and get back your confidence.

Personal & Professional Communication

Life is too short to be unable to speak with your loved ones.  Learn to communicate clearly and get back your confidence.

Let’s begin your journey to better communication.

Neuro Speech Therapy’s customized and individualized treatment plan can help change the course of your life.

Benefits of Speech Therapy

Neuro Speech Therapy is the leading speech therapy practice in Sarasota, Florida that specializes in stroke, brain injury, and neurodegenerative diseases. Speech, language, memory or cognition, and swallowing can be impaired due to a brain injury, stroke, or any neurodegenerative disorders. 

Here are just a few of the many benefits of participating in speech-language therapy.

Why Choose Neuro Speech Therapy?

Neuro Speech Therapy provides person-centered care involving you, your family, and your therapist to create a plan of care that values your goals and priorities. We consistently deliver treatment with the highest quality, proven research methods, and continuously learn new methods of therapy. You will see the same speech-language pathologist every session which greatly affects the uniqueness and regularity of treatment.


We provide research-based, forward-thinking and effective treatment because we care and understand your needs.


We promote life participation which is proven to lead to quicker recovery, higher satisfaction, and greater carry over into your daily life.


We listen first, seek to understand, then work alongside you to find the solutions and ensure you are getting the most out of your treatment plan.

Accessible and Convenient Therapy Services

Accessible services: in-home, telehealth. Choose which fits your lifestyle best and start your recovery today.

At Our Office

Conveniently located at the Parkinson’s Place near I-75 and Bee Ridge Road. This facility is equipped with numerous free resources for those with Parkinson’s Disease and provides a comfortable treatment space.

On your computer

For many of our clients, virtual therapy services are proven to be as effective and fulfilling as in-person therapy sessions. You will receive Neuro Speech Therapy’s high quality service that is accommodating and secure.

Certifications & Affiliations