Brain Injury and Speech Therapy

Providing Specialized Care for Traumatic Brain Injury

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Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy

Have you noticed changes in your memory, communication or cognition that are impacting your daily life?

Cognitive-communication problems can often occur following an acquired brain injury and can impact any or all of the 6 core domains of cognitive functioning. Cognitive therapy can help you learn about your injury, compensate, and improve these abilities!

Cognitive Functioning

Symptoms in each of the 6 core domains include:


  • Short or long-term memory impairments
  • Trouble with using your working memory, such as forgetting the name or phone number someone just gave you, or walking into a room for something and forgetting what you needed in the first place.


  • Slow processing skills
  • Trouble sustaining attention on a task
  • Easily distracted by your environment
  • Difficulty multitasking

Executive functioning

  • Increasing challenge with planning, initiating and organizing tasks
  • Trouble with orientation to person, place, or time
  • Difficulty with performing daily tasks (e.g., using your phone, managing medications, using a calendar)

Social language & cognition

  • Poor insight into deficits
  • Inability to take other’s perspectives
  • Trouble understanding nonverbal cues and abstract language/concepts
  • Difficulty regulating emotions and responding appropriately in different situations

Reasoning & Judgement

  • Deficits in problem solving and reasoning
  • Poor decision making

Visuospatial skills

  • Visual neglect – not seeing things, such as written words, on the left side of a page
  • Difficulty scanning your entire environment and surroundings
  • Difficulty with visual and written tasks

Cognition Therapy for Adults


Speech Therapy addressing neurogenic based disorders can help in all areas of communication and cognition – from helping someone who sustained a concussion manage their symptoms and improve their abilities to function at school or work, to helping a traumatic brain injury survivor get back to doing what they love and feeling confident in their cognitive abilities. Whatever it is, we can help you get there at Neuro Speech Therapy.

With patience, care, and a customized treatment plan, we will make sure to work with you on goals that are functional and most important to you.

We are excited to meet you, understand your needs, and get you on the road to recovery!