Personal & Professional Communication

Speech Therapy For Social-Communication

Do you struggle to communicate in social settings, professionally with your colleagues, or present in formal settings? Do you have a stutter, accent, or voice disorder affecting the way you communicate and your confidence? Private sessions with a Speech-Language Pathologist is your answer.

Therapy for Communication

Individuals wishing to strengthen their personal or professional speaking abilities and with the following concerns can benefit from customized speech-language therapy:

  • Stuttering
  • Voice disorders
  • Social communication impairment
  • Business professionals struggling to communicate with various groups of people in meetings, presentations, and conferences
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What does Speech Therapy look like?

Neuro Speech Therapy provides comprehensive assessment of needs and goals and private sessions to enhance your communication and improve your confidence. Therapy could include learning communication strategies, targeting speech intelligibility and fluency, and providing opportunities to practice everyday workplace and social situations so that you speak more clearly and confidently in all aspects of your life.